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Emily and Hunter's Orchid-Infused, Mountain-Top Wedding in Little Switzerland

February 4, 2018

The first time I ever spoke to Emily and Hunter, I was aware of two things. 


1. I really liked them. 

2. Their myriad interests were going to be really fun to infuse into their wedding style theme. 


Together the two loved orchids. The youngest members of their local orchid society chapter, they had successfully raised orchids together for much of their relationship, so bringing orchids into the event design seemed like a no-brainer. Not only were potted Phalaenopsis orchids and other herbs (like rosemary) used to accent cocktail tables, other more rare orchid varieties (like Lady's Slippers) were incorporated into centerpieces and even the bride's bouquet.





Ferns were also a style theme of the wedding that spanned all the way from the creation of the invitations to the favors that guests carried home at the end of the night. 












Both the favors (cupcakes baked with the bride's special recipe) and a festive display of exit sprinkles were nods to Emily's time working in a bakery. 

































Signage was a thoughtfully considered component of the wedding. With respect to the rustic elegance of the The Switzerland Inn, we worked with designer Amber Hatchett to create hand-lettered signs with upcycled wood frames. 




Custom signature cocktail signage featuring some very close friends was also created by Paper Tangent. 


































The wedding day itself was a spectacularly beautiful autumn day high atop a mountain in the aptly named Little Switzerland. 





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